Shiba X Token

Shiba X is a token that was born with the aim of fostering and growing the Shiba Inu coin lover community. Everyone involved in creating Shiba X are Holders and Enthusiasts of the world’s most beloved Meme coin. Benefits Smart contract automatically distributes finances among participants in the SHIBAX ecosystem. 100% Coin SWAPThe founders ofContinue reading “Shiba X Token”

The Family of Mewn – MEWN INU

ABOUT MEWN The Family of Mewn lived through several millenniums, surviving wars both north and south. Losing most of the family name in the bloodbaths, one lone survivor Mewn Inu was born! Born on 1st of the 11th 2021 ( 111 ), Mewn Inu has the main goal of growing and expanding its family andContinue reading “The Family of Mewn – MEWN INU”